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5 Ways to Keep the Romance Alive (hint: 1 may be date nights!)

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1) Make date night a priority
Well, we would say that right?! It is true though that you fell in love because you spent time with each other and enjoyed each others company, why should that stop when you’re in a longer term relationship? Book the dates in your calendar as a no miss then just wait for your subscription box to come through your door!

2) Spoil each other
Making your partner feel special in little ways every now and again goes a long way to keeping that fire burning. They say actions speak louder than words so why not do both. Just some hand-picked flowers no and then or a little note dropped in their lunch, perhaps a quick text to say you love them. It doesn’t have to be expensive just thoughful.

3) Always kiss them goodnight
Physical contact is important in a relationship and it’s a well know fact that that does take a back burner once the daily grind kicks in. Little things like kissing your partner goodnight, hello, goodby can go a long way to keeping that physical contact going, you could even stretch to a hug or even a bit more if you like…

4) Turn the electronics off
Yup, that means mobiles, tablets, laptops, TV’s and all those other devices we’ve forgotten. Allow yourselves the time to really talk and listen to each other without distractions. Re-connect and enjoy spending time with just the 2 of you.

5) Make Luurve
It’s an obvious one but making love does make a huge difference in making you feel more connected with each other. So we know you’re tired and you have to get up early with the kids tomorrow and you have so much that needs to be done but surely it can wait for 5 minutes…well maybe 10 ;)!

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